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From a very young age, I was always curious about yoga and spirituality. As life went by, I kept a thought in the back of my head that one day I would try it. Finally, 14 years ago I was introduced to yoga. At that time I was stressed, depressed, experiencing health problems and anxiety attacks. My older brother, who knew that I prefer natural ways of living and healing, approached me with a yoga set. Because of my health issues, I was willing to change my life completely and decided to practice this yoga set every day. 
After some period of time, my health problems started to disappear. I came upon my own questions. I wondered how this technology of yoga works? How was it possible, that without any medication, practicing yoga, I was getting better and better? The answers to my questions were received at a School of Yoga Therapy and Natural Medicine in Toronto where I studied science of yoga for 2 years and received my Kundalini yoga teacher certification through the Kundalini Research Institute. I began to work with a spiritual teacher and I studied/am studying at the Bioenergetic Institute about energetic bodies and spirituality for 9 years. To this day, I practice the yoga set my brother recommended to me, every day.
Today, I strongly recommend yoga and meditation to anyone, because I know how much practicing yoga helped me. I know through my own yoga experience what you can get and what you can achieve from yoga. I believe in Life. I believe in Health. I believe in Harmony. I believe in Happiness and that you can achieve all those things through your own dedication.

My studies at Bioenergetic Institute:

2016 - The Revelation of Peacekeeping
             Emerald Pyramids
             Inner Constalations
             Genetic Constalations

2015 - The 4 Stages of Empowerment
             The Body of Alchemy
             Heart Kriya
             The Womb of Alchemy
             The Realm of the Fluids

2014 - Astral Personalities (part 2)
            Arista Meditation
            The Origin of Humanity
            The 3 Rings of the Heart (part 1 and 2)

2013 - Temple of Grace
             From Transformation to Transmutation
             Life Persona and Personalities
             Astral Personalities (part 1)

2012 - Triple Meditation
             On the Steps of Ascension

2011 - Integral Meditation
             12 Rays

2010 - Journey into the Chakras
             The Death Cycles

2009 - Original Disconnection
             Practical Awakening

2008 - Mentorship

                                I asked for Strength...
                          And God gave me Challenges to make me strong.
                                I asked for Wisdom...
                      And God gave me Problems to solve.
                                I asked for Prosperity...
                  And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.
                                I asked for Courage...
                      And God gave me Danger to overcome.
                                I asked for Love...
                    And God gave me Troubled people to help.
                                I asked for Favors...
                      And God gave me Opportunities.
                            I received nothing I wanted
                          I received everything I needed.

"The mind should dance with the body, and the whole universe is your stage. Try to feel that whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing, the prettiest dance, because you are dancing with the whole universe. Don't resent anything. Let your heart guide you, free of all regimentation."
                                                                     ~Yogi Bhajan

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