Harmonics are a revolutionary healing system containing sound frequencies to balance, harmonize and heal the physical body. Harmonic healing is based on the ancient knowledge of yogies that were able to understand the complete structure of the human being with its physical and energetic interrelation. They understood the chakras which are the main energetic centers in the body along with the number of their petals and frequencies they hold for corresponding organs and body parts they govern.  

"In the beginning was the Word and the word was God"

Everything around us or even within us is holding a specific vibration/frequency and vibration/frequency is sound.  Every physical organ or body part holds a distinct vibrational charge. For example, the kidneys hold a different vibration/frequency than the liver and a different vibration/frequency from the knee. Each organ or body part carry its own vibration/frequency.
Physical influences as disease, injury, toxins, mental as well as emotional influences such as stress, fear, worries, grief, sadness can cause the organ or body part to be under stress and not work properly so it becomes out of tune.  The organ or body part starts to vibrate with a different frequency than its own original one. By listening to harmonics, the ill body part receives the original healthy vibration/frequency so the state of health and balance can return to the body.

At HARMONIC HEALING SESSIONS with Maria you will be listening to particular frequencies that are required for your individual needs to de-stress your body part(s). These particular frequencies hold the address, the focal point, that will keep your concentration precisely at the required part of the body. This approach to heal and harmonize the body is a very deep process of cleansing not only your physical body but it is also working with your emotions, old beliefs, old traumas, and misconceptions which are all deeply entwined in the tissue of organs. The new vibration is holding you in your original highest state of being and as you and your body learn to hold this frequency, you shed all unnecessary beliefs for the rest of life.
These sessions are currently available at two locations.

RUAH Center                                               

1110 Washington St
Naperville, IL 60563

Maria's place

1967 Tilson Ln 
Romeoville, IL 60446

Cost: $80

Complimentary tools that might be used during sessions are "Ascended Pyramids".
To learn more about these type of pyramids click here.

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